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Question: 21

A customer creates a Remote Mirror of a 1 GB RAID 5 pool LUN. The primary LUN is presented to a Windows storage group. The customer wants to add a Secondary Image to the Remote Mirror. The only LUNs available are 5 GB RAID 1/0 LUNs presented to a Linux storage group. The customer reports they are unable to add the Secondary Image. What do you advise?

A. Secondary Image must be the same RAID type.
B. Secondary Image must be the same capacity.
C. Secondary Image must be in the same storage pool as the Primary Image.
D. Secondary Image must be presented to the same host type.

Answer: B

Question: 22

A storage administrator creates a new file system on their EMC VNX. They observe that the new file system does not perform as well as the first set of file systems they created. AVM was used to create all file systems using pool LUNs. All disks in the VNX are the same size and speed SAS drives. When the storage administrator attempts to create another file system, using the same resources, the creation process fails. Why did the file system creation fail on the last attempt?

A. AVM is unable to fulfill the file system creation request due to a lack of mapped pool resources.
B. Thick and thin LUNs cannot be combined to fulfill the storage requirements.
C. AVM requires that pool LUNs stripe five dvols together. Only four dvols were available.
D. Thick and thin LUNs that were available to create the file system did not share the same service policy.

Answer: A

Question: 23

A storage administrator reports they are unable configure SAN Copy connections between two VNX. The required cabling is in place and zoning is correct, but the SP connections still do not appear in Unisphere Manager. What could have caused this issue?

A. SAN Copy is not installed on both VNX arrays.
B. SAN Copy is only licensed for local copies.
C. The SP ports are already being used by hosts.
D. Both VNX arrays are not in the same domain.

Answer: D

Question: 24

A Pool used for FAST VP has the following configuration:
Flash drives: 1,000 GB, with 1,000 GB free
SAS drives: 5,000 GB, with 2,500 GB free
NL-SAS drives: 20,000 GB, with 11,500 GB free
The tiering policy is set to Auto. An additional 600 GB of new data is written to the Pool.
What is the data distribution after the data is written?

A. Flash drives: 960 GB free SAS drives: 2,400 GB free NL-SAS drives: 11,040 GB free
B. Flash drives: 400 GB free SAS drives: 2,500 GB free NL-SAS drives: 11,500 GB free
C. Flash drives: 900 GB free SAS drives: 2,000 GB free NL-SAS drives: 11,500 GB free
D. Flash drives: 970 GB free SAS drives: 2,350 GB free NL-SAS drives: 11,080GB free

Answer: A

Question: 25

You are planning a CIFS DR solution for two existing EMC VNX. Each VNX has dual Control Stations. Each VNX is also configured for a Recover Point protection solution on other VNX LUNs that are non-file related. What recommendation would you give the customer concerning the CIFS DR solution?

A. Configure IP aliasing on the Control Stations for both source and destination VNX systems before configuring VNX Replicator
B. Configure IP aliasing on the Control Stations for both source and destination VNX systems after configuring VNX Replicator
C. Configure IP aliasing on the source VNX system Control Stations before configuring VNX Replicator, and then configure IP aliasing on the destination VNX system Control Stations after configuring VNX Replicator.
D. Configure IP aliasing on the source VNX system Control Stations before configuring VNX Replicator and use RecoverPoint to provide protection of the source VNX Control Stations to the destination VNX.

Answer: A

Question: 26

A customer recently purchased an EMC VNX to be connected to four ESXi 5.0 hosts via FC. Five of the associated VMs (virtual machines) are running SQL Server 2008 R2. To avoid contention, the customer wants the VM’s database and log drives on separate datastores. Which ESXi 5.0 feature would satisfy this requirement?

A. Network interface card teaming
B. Virtual Machine Anti-Affinity
C. Raw Device Mappings
D. VMDK Affinity

Answer: B

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