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HP’s Aruba Certified Switching Associate certification as a profession has an incredible evolution over the last few years. HPE2-Z39 Fast Track – Applying Aruba Switching Fundamentals for Mobility exam is the forerunner in validating credentials against. Here are updated HPE2-Z39 exam questions, which will help you to test the quality features of DumpsSchool exam preparation material completely free. You can purchase the full product once you are satisfied with the product.

Version: 8.0
Question: 1

All switches are ArubaOS switches that currently have the default spanning tree priority. Switch-1 should be the root of the spanning tree If Switch-1 fails. Switch-2 should become root
Which configuration for spanning tree priorities ensures this behavior?

A. priority 15 on Switch-1 and priority 14 on Switch-2

B. priority 0 on Switch-1 and priority 15 on Switch-2

C. priority 0 on Switch-1 and priority 1 on Switch-2

D. priority 15 on Switch-1 and priority 9 on Switch-2

Answer: A

Question: 2

Exhibit 2 shows the IP routine tables for all the switches after the link between Switch-4 and Switch-2 failed ‘//’hen This link fails traffic between 10 1 3 0/24 and is disrupted What should the network administrator do to ensure that this traffic continues to flow if this link fails in the future? (Assume that routes on Switch-1 and Switch-3 are correct.)

A. Add a route to through 10.1.3 1 on Switch-4.

B. Add a route to through on Switch-2.

C. Add a route to through on Switch-2

D. Add a route to 10.1.2 0/24 through on Switch-4.

Answer: B

Question: 3

A network administrator suspects that interfaces in a link aggregation have been accidentally connected to multiple switches. The administrator wants to find the hostnames of the switches on the other side of the interfaces. How can the administrator find this information?

A. Use the show lace command to view LACP information.
B. Use the show trunks command to view link aggregation information.
C. Use the show interface command to view detailed interface status.
D. Use the show lldp info remote-device command to view LLDP information.

Answer: D

Question: 4

Based on this ArubaOS switch output, what can a network administrator determine about the spanning tree topology?

A. Port 2 is an edge port
B. Port 3 will become the root port if the current root port becomes unavailable.
C. Switch-C is the root bridge of the topology.
D. Trk1 offers the lowest cost path to the common spanning tree root.

Answer: C

Question: 5

A network administrator manages an ArubaOS switch through the CLI The administrator needs to configure an untagged VLAN assignment on a range of interfaces. How should the administrator enter the untagged command to complete this configuration?

A. Create a manual, named interface range Then access the context for the range and specify the VLAN ID with the untagged command.
B. Access the context for a range of interfaces and specify the VLAN ID with the untagged command
C. Access the individual context for each of the interfaces and specify the VLAN ID with the untagged command
D. Access the VLAN context and specify a range of interfaces with the untagged command.

Answer: A

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