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Question: 1

When pricing an Intelligent Water solution, what needs to be considered for accurate pricing?

A. Whether the client is responsible for public or private water management
B. The estimate on customization and integration work
C. If the solution will be used to manage waste or fresh water
D. Try to reduce the overall price by leveraging any and all applicable SWG assets for free

Answer: B

Intelligent Water can help provide input on rate pricing for each user segment based on consumption history, water demand and supply constraints.

Question: 2

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What do the Smart Metering Analytics, Water Conservation Portal, Water Information Hub (WIH) and Non Revenue Water (NRW) all have in common?

A. They are special promotions being extended by water management companies to help monitor water usage
B. They are titles of books documenting Intelligent Water usage to drive awareness and encourage adoption
C. They are information on premise solutions for Intelligent Water
D. They are Intelligent Water reusable assets available through the Industry Solutions Asset Library

Answer: D

Question: 3

How has the acquisition of i2 extended IBM’s leadership in Smarter Law Enforcement and Public Safety?

A. By making available Public Safety offerings in the cloud
B. By promoting IBM in the Law Enforcement and Public Safety conferences
C. By adding industry leading intelligence analysis and investigation capabilities that enable government agencies, defense and enterprises to reduce crime, fraud, and security threats
D. By delivering on the promise of public safety for the world

Answer: C

Question: 4

Which of the following is a major challenge for Outcome Management?

A. Lack of coordination creating an inconvenience to clients, economic waste for the community, ineffectual use of already available resources
B. Supporting Rural Areas 80% of families commonly account for of social program spending
C. None of the above
D. A and B

Answer: A

Question: 5

Outcome management is:

A. An approach to use rules to pre-set outcomes
B. An approach to service delivery which focuses on the outcomes of the citizens
C. An approach that focuses on the actual program
D. An approach to estimating the impact of a social program

Answer: B

Outcome management is a client-centric approach to service delivery which focuses on the results a client is trying to achieve rather than focusing only on the services available.

Question: 6

What is the best way to sell Intelligence Analysis offerings?

A. Sell the solution, not just the product
B. Sell the platform, not the solution
C. Just focus on selling the products
D. None of the above

Answer: A

Question: 7

What is the major difference between IBM i2 Analyst Notebook and the IBM i2 Analysts Notebook Premium offerings?

A. The increased number of clients that can be supported from traditional to mobile
B. A local optimized analysis repository that allows for the collection, management and organizing of all of information and intelligence at a local level
C. Services Oriented Architecture for greater availability and sensibility
D. The use of Unicode in the standardization of information for optimal analysis

Answer: B