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Question: 1

Click the Exhibit button.

You create a volume as shown in the exhibit.
Which statement about the new volume is true?

A. A FlexVol volume is created on the aggregate (sas_01 or sas_02) with the most free space.
B. A FlexVol volume is created on aggregate sas_01 can only be moved to aggregate sas_02.
C. A FlexGroup volume is created with eight constituents.
D. A FlexGroup volume is created with two constituents

Answer: D

The Volume create parameter -aggr-list , … – List of Aggregates for FlexGroup Constituents
Specifies an array of names of aggregates to be used for FlexGroup constituents. Each entry in the list will create a constituent on the specified aggregate.

Question: 2

Which two features are supported by SnapLock Enterprise but not by SnapLock Compliance? (Choose two.)

A. FlexArray
B. privileged delete
C. NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE)
D. SnapMirror

Answer: B,D

Features supported by SnapLock Enterprise but not by SnapLock Compliance include:
Comparison table of SnapLock Enterprise and SnapLock Compliance
The SnapLock Enterprise and the SnapLock Compliance features differ in terms of the options and permissions available for both the features.


Question: 3

What is the minimum number of disks required to create a data aggregate with a RAID type of RAID-TEC?

A. 7
B. 6
C. 5
D. 4

Answer: B

The aggregate that is to be converted to RAID-TEC must have a minimum of six disks.

Question: 4

Which LIF role type is used by a volume move operation between nodes?

A. data
B. cluster
C. intercluster
D. cluster-mgmt

Answer: D


Question: 5

Which two link layer discovery protocols does NetApp ONTAP support? (Choose two.)

A. Link Layer Topology Discovery Protocol
B. Cisco Discovery Protocol
C. Link Layer Discovery Protocol
D. Foundry Discovery Protocol

Answer: A,B

Data ONTAP supports two neighbor discovery protocols: Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP), and starting in ONTAP 9.0, Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP).
References: ONTAP 9. 0 Network_Management_Guide (January 2017), page 93

Question: 6

You have a 2-node NetApp cluster. You would like to use an onboard UTA2 port for host connectivity. The port was previously connected to a tape library using native FC.
What must you do to configure the port for host connectivity?

A. Change the port mode to FC
B. Change the port mode to CNA
C. Change the FC type to initiator.
D. Change the FC type to target.

Answer: B

Certain converged network adapters (CNAs), such as the X1143 adapter and the UTA2 onboard ports, contain offload support for LLDP.
References: ONTAP 9. 0 Network_Management_Guide (January 2017), page 98

Question: 7

You want to replace the key management passphrase of a FAS8200 system using onboard NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE).
Which action accomplishes this task?

A. Perform a takeover-giveback of each node in the cluster to update the passphrase on each mode.
B. Use the security key-manager setup command to change the passphrase.
C. Use the volume move command to migrate a volume and update the passphrase during the move.
D. Use the security key-manager update-passphrase command to change the passphrase.

Answer: D

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